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My compliments to the entire Advance – Gender Equality in Business team for putting together such a high caliber flagship event last night in celebration of #iwd2023 ! It was amazing in every possible way!

🎂🍰Happy 10th #birthday to Advance!

🙏 Thank you all so much for your kind feedback on my talk last and a huge thank you to Alkistis Petropaki for inviting me to share my message on how financial literacy is key to advance gender equality.

Here are key messages:

😳 Awareness: we need to start financial education much earlier than most parents think (ideally around age 5) because money habits are formed for life by age 7

🤩 Girls need female money role models: empowering mothers to take control of their own financial futures has a generational impact!

😍 Make it fun! Break down money taboos by making money conversations engaging – and this is why my kids books are bedtime stories, all in rhymes. So much more fun than a boring money talk!

My appeal goes to:

– all #parents, grandparents, godparents, foster parents, and relatives of children: make money a conversation with your kids!

– all #policymakers : make financial literacy a priority in education curricula, starting in Grade 1.

– all #investors: mentor a young girl and explain to her how you started investing. Share your knowledge and build her confidence!

– all #philanthropists focussed on education: look beyond numeracy, literacy and digital skills to include #financialliteracy , too!

Together, we can – and we will – advance #genderequality by accelerating female financial participation and democratizing financial literacy for kids!

May all our girls grow up entering the workforce on par to the boys and equally capable of managing their financial future!



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dr. Mara Catherine Harvey

After more than 20 years as a senior leader in wealth management at UBS for high net worth clients, Mara Catherine Harvey is a pioneer in women’s financial empowerment and financial parenting. In 2018, she created “A Smart Way To Start” (2018-2020), a series of children’s books on money, equality and sustainability. Her fifth book explains the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and was just approved and published by the United Nations as START DOING GOOD. In 2022, she expandED her offering by launching a Financial Parenting Masterclass.

Today Mara is a CEO Switzerland and head of Europe for VP BANK where she is paving the way for more financial inclusion, alongside her commitment to expanding

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